Our ROV systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In fact, we often tell the story of a seven-year-old visitor to our office who quickly learnt to pilot a Boxfish ROV around the pool. For this reason, we can prepare you to be a competent ROV operator in only two days with our training course.

ROV Pilot Training in New Zealand

We offer customers two days basic remotely operated vehicle (ROV) training at our office in Auckland, or if you need something more advanced, we can customise it, to suit your needs.

2-Day Basic Training

Our standard two-day basic training starts with an introduction giving us the chance to understand your tasks. So we can tailor the training to your requirements. We then provide a complete rundown of all the controls and how to set up the ROV. 

The first day also includes a 2-3 hour session in the pool and Q&A. We work through all functional aspects of the ROV and give multiple operators plenty of time manoeuvring the vehicle in the water to fine-tune their piloting skills.

The second day of our ROV course is held at a marina or similarly sheltered inner harbour environment. This type of location gives a controlled, real-world environment to practice set-up, how to launch, recover and deploy the ROV, and inspection tasks. 

5-Day Advanced Training

The five-day advanced training option includes an additional two days of ROV offshore deployment and a day for advanced underwater vehicle service and maintenance.

Online ROV Training

We can conduct training online for our ROV systems. This program allows us to provide comprehensive instruction to customers world wide. To find out more watch the video below of our training highlights.

We have successfully completed advanced training for our Boxfish ROV, Boxfish Alpha, and Boxfish Luna clients. We prefer to do this one-on-one with them because they are great people and because we know they go away ‘all knowledgeable’.

A video showing highlights from our online customer training for Boxfish ROVs. Follow us on YouTube to see more videos as they become available.

Customers Learning ROV Deployment – In the Boxfish Pool and at Sea

Boxfish Luna ROV Customer Training - Getting Set Up
Boxfish Luna Customer Training - Controlling the Underwater Drone
Boxfish Luna Customer Training Besides the Pool - ROV Tether Management
Learning How to Launch the Boxfish ROV With a Team of Two
Learning How to Control the Boxfish ROV on the Control Console

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