The Boxfish ROV is a lightweight, high performance, battery-powered, observation-class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). With its fibre optic tether that is easily deployed and retrieved from even the smallest vessel.

Its outstanding features include the large 6” optical dome and dry payload volume for high-quality photo and video cameras, live uncompressed 4K video streaming and recording on the surface.

These features are complemented by a unique thruster layout that allows for stable movement and rotation along every axis, enabling unique viewing and working angles that are not possible with traditional ROVs. This is what makes the Boxfish ROV ideal for all filmmaking, research and inspection applications.

The Boxfish ROV has accessory rails, top and bottom for sonar, grabber, positioning and other accessories. These connect to the ROV through hull penetrators via Ethernet, RS485 with 12V and 24V DC power.

The internal battery pack can be rapidly charged in the field, without opening the pressure vessel.

The @BoxFishResearch ROV is a game changer for marine science - especially in a place where the water is as clear as [McMurdo Sound].

Dr Regina Eisert -University of Canterbury Antarctic Researcher


Nothing transports you into another world like 360 videos. It is even more real and affordable than a rendered virtual reality experience. 360 video is quickly transforming several industries, including entertainment, training, education, and inspection.

 With the Boxfish 360 underwater camera, professional content creators can capture a sharper, more colourful and vibrant, exciting perspective of the underwater world.