Say hello to the Boxfish Underwater ROV!

Boxfish ROV has a lightweight design, which offers easy deployment and operation with a crew of just two, from virtually any small boat without the need for further equipment. At just 23kg, it is easy to launch and recover by hand and operates down to 300m with an option to go to 1000m and beyond.

Its built-in ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras offers unprecedented surround visibility and gives the pilot excellent situational awareness. This coupled with the auto-stabilisation system and pilot assist features, makes piloting the ROV a breeze.

Should an unexpected disaster strike, the ROV has a fault-tolerant design allowing it to continue to operate with several fouled thrusters. Additionally, if all communications are lost, it will automatically return to the surface under its own power.


From plane, to boat, to dive, Boxfish ROV is an easy system to transport, setup and drive. Setup and deploy within minutes of arriving on site, all of this is manageable by a single operator. The military-grade precision controls do the hard part, allowing for nimble, precise and direct movement.


The Boxfish ROV is the only vehicle in its class that delivers tack-sharp, uncompressed 4K video, and the only vehicle of its kind to deliver nero-zero latency 4K video. The main 17” 4K monitor is complemented by a 10” screen that displays 2 video from 2 additional ultra-wide angle cameras that provide unprecedented surround vision.


With 8 vectored thrusters, Boxfish ROV offers the unique capability of 6 degrees of freedom of movement, which means that the vehicle can travel and orientate itself in any direction. This gives users a powerful tool for getting into and working in tight spaces not accessible or visible with conventional ROVs.


Boxfish ROV can run for up to 18 hours. Typical deployments can easily last for 4-10 hours. Quick access, sealed ports mean the ROV can be charged easily in the field.


The Boxfish ROV is low maintenance. Any of the 8 thrusters can be replaced in minutes with basic tools, allowing you to keep working for longer. While not necessary for normal operations, the lithium battery pack can be removed easily if need be.


A pair of standard 8,500-lumen lights (each) offers excellent illumination for inspection in total darkness. Adjustable ball mount arms and high CRI lighting (>90) gives optimal illumination for the best possible image capture.


The Boxfish ROV is suited to a wide range of applications from cinematography to science and inspection to education – it is even used for pure fun for our leisure industry! We have built it with everyone in mind…

Underwater Inspection…

Our Boxfish ROV cameras provide incredible detail of subjects in challenging conditions, are easily deployed in a two man team and have unmatched active stabilization. We know that ease of use, without need for specialist training, is mission critical.

Boxfish ROV provides industry-leading stability, live streaming ultra-high definition (UHD) video and very accurate control. These key attributes combined with mission specific sonar and navigation configurations allow superior methods for conducting subsurface inspection and surveillance in the following areas:

  • Ship Hulls
  • Port infrastructure
  • Aquaculture
  • Tank and pipe systems
  • Biosecurity
  • Hydroelectric infrastructure
  • Search and rescue
  • Working diver surveillance
  • Scientific inspection
  • Environmental monitoring

Traditionally these jobs are very manual, time consuming, dangerous and costly. The Boxfish ROV significantly lowers the cost and complexity of performing underwater inspection and provides a superior record of those inspections.

Scientific Research & Education…

The Boxfish ROV provides performance on par with much larger working class ROV’s in terms of stability, modularity and depth ratings but at just a fraction of the cost. Video quality matches and often exceeds that of even the most advanced systems on the market.

The relatively low cost of the Boxfish ROV in combination with the fact that it does not require an expensive support vessel for deployment gives research institutions and educators the possibility to make their research funding stretch much further, creating wider availability and increasing scientific output.

Sensor integration options allow for a vast array of data to be collected, the option to install manipulators and sampling systems further increase the range of possible missions.

Underwater Cinematography…

Before the Boxfish ROV, underwater filmmakers have struggled to find systems that provide both a stable filming platform and real-time streaming of production quality video.

Divers are the current solution to most underwater filming. However, they have multiple disadvantages, such as dive time restrictions, steadiness, and restrictions on depth and access to remote locations. On top of the issues associated with divers, there is also the need for multiple takes, this is due to the captured footage only being able to be reviewed once it has been retrieved from the camera.

The Boxfish ROV directly solves these pain points and opens up new areas of the world for exploration. The Boxfish ROV is the only product on the market that is targeting this segment.

Leisure & Charter Operations…

Boxfish ROV is perfect for charter boat operators or superyacht owners looking to WOW guests and to give them super easy access to the world beneath their boats (including practical inspections).

The Boxfish ROV allows any guest (even kids), to quickly master control of the ROV and live stream UHD video to the ship’s entertainment system, enabling everyone onboard to share the excitement of the unknown below.

  • Easy to master and operate
  • A Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • High-quality video output
  • Able to enjoy a drink & see underwater, without getting wet
  • Live streaming to ship’s onboard displays
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve

Shot with Boxfish ROV

Boxfish ROV in Antarctica – goes deep underwater!

July 25, 2016

MS Mikhail Lermontov collided with the rocks and look at her now…

May 21, 2018

Minke whale under the ice in Antarctica ROV

March 14, 2018

Waddell seal at 70m under the ice in Antarctica Boxfish ROV

March 14, 2018

Waddell seals playing under the ice in Antarctica caught on our Boxfish ROV

March 14, 2018

Octopus sucked onto ROV camera port in Antarctica

May 31, 2016

Octopus pulling ROV in Antarctica

May 31, 2016

Seal playing with feather star at 200m depth in Antarctica

May 31, 2016

Crocodile icefish on defence in Antarctica!

May 31, 2016

Large sponges on the sea floor in Antarctica

March 14, 2018

Man made object on the sea floor in Antarctica

March 14, 2018

Seals diving gracefully through ice hole in Antarctica

March 14, 2018

Tiny fish on big sponge in Antarctica

May 31, 2016

Adelié Penguin Madness in Antarctica with Boxfish ROV

January 18, 2018