Facts & figures

Depth Rating

  • Maximum depth: 300m (1000m optional)

Physical Specifications

  • Total weight: 6.5 kg / 14.33 lbs
  • Dimensions: 300 (dia) x 165mm (height)
  • Battery life: 4+ hours with optional battery extender (up to 70min without)


  • Video format: MOV H.264
  • Photo format: JPG + DNG RAW
  • Recording bitrate: 60MBit


  • Recording media: 3 x 64GB microSD
  • Sensors: Panasonic MN34230 Micro Four Thirds
  • Lenses: 185° circular fisheye
  • Mounting options: 4 x 1/4” and 2 x 3/8” threads


  • Spherical video resolution: 5040×2540 at 24, 25, and 29.97fps
  • Spherical photo resolution: 12 MP
  • Record RAW photos: yes

Additional Performance

  • Aperture: F2 to F11, manual iris
  • Log data: Time, Depth, Temperature, Heading, Pitch, Roll
  • Log resolution: Adjustable interval, 0.2s to 60s
  • Coverage: Full-spherical 360˚
  • Recording modes: Video, time-lapse
  • Underwater stop/start: yes
  • Synced cameras: yes, millisecond accuracy
  • Audio buzzer: yes, for feedback and backup sync
  • Aperture control: yes, manual
  • ISO control: yes, auto and manual
  • Shutter speed control: yes, auto and manual
  • White balance control: yes, auto and manual
  • Record depth: yes
  • Record temperature: yes
  • Record orientation: yes
  • Can be used on a surface: yes
  • File management App: yes

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