We often laugh about the fact, that our ROV is so simple to use, that even one of our 7 year old visitors, to our production office, easily drove the ROV around our pool!

In Auckland, New Zealand

We offer two days basic customer training at our office in Auckland, or if you need something more advanced, we can (and do) customise it, to suit your needs.


We can conduct Boxfish ROV training at your location. This allows us to customise the training according to your actual tasks and deliver the full immersion experience. 

A few of our customers in training mode!

We have successfully conducted advanced training for our Boxfish ROV and 360 clients. We prefer to do this one on one with them, not only because they are great people, but because we know they go away ‘all knowledgeable’.

We get to train ROV pilots in some pretty special spots all over the world.