Robotic solutions for safe and efficient underwater structural inspections and monitoring

Boxfish ROVs offer an alternative or complement to sending divers underwater to do emergency or routine inspection work and maintenance on structures such as monopile steel and concrete structures, fixed steel platforms, and floating wind platforms.

Why Boxfish Research for Offshore Wind?

Boxfish ROVs can be deployed in offshore industries to enable a quick response in emergencies. They can also be used to proactively perform regular surveys like mooring chain calliper measurement, CP readings, flooded member detection, steel thickness measurement, 3D photogrammetry, and more.

Boxfish ROV Capabilities and Features

Safe underwater inspections

  • Precision maneuverability in strong currents
  • Lightweight tether for minimum drag 
  • Active stabilization capabilities for extreme underwater conditions
  • Extreme portability and self-contained unit

Industry-leading video capabilities

  • Uncompressed, near zero latency 4K video 
  • Unprecedented surround vision with two ultra-wide angle cameras
  • Direct recording at the surface for rapid streaming

Precise deployment

Case study Deepsea Deployment

POAL was required to conduct a survey at the site which was an extremely difficult environment to access and reaching depths of over 700 metres below sea level. The team looked at a…

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