When you want a detailed and accurate report of underwater assets for optimal performance…

Ensuring optimal performance of underwater assets requires ongoing inspection and maintenance. Being able to obtain high quality imagery, video and photogrammetry is essential to providing the client with the information required to make quick and accurate decisions, as well as having the ability to assist predictions and schedule future maintenance.  This all directly affects the bottom line.

Boxfish ROV Features

  • easy to use and reliable
  • portable & self contained
  • industry leading image quality to retain colour and textural information
  • active stabilisation in a wide range of conditions
  • ultra-bright 17,000 lumen lights
  • precision manoeuvrability even in precarious current
  • ultra-light weight tether for minimum drag and easy handling
  • direct recording at the surface for rapid sharing or streaming
  • imaging sonar for work in poor visibility conditions

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