Boxfish surpasses expectations for all ROV applications

We design and manufacture industry-leading, actively stabilised, ultra-high-definition remotely operated and autonomous capable vehicles for submerged asset inspection; marine science; expedition superyachts; offshore energy; aquaculture; biosecurity and search & rescue, and cinematography.

Commercial diving and assets inspection

Boxfish robotic solutions provide detailed and accurate reports of underwater assets for optimal performance. 

Marine science

The Boxfish ROV provides performance comparable to much larger working class ROVs while its video quality matches and often exceeds that of even the most advanced systems on the market.

Offshore energy

Boxfish robotic solutions for safe and efficient underwater structural inspections and monitoring on wind farms.


Ultimate image quality, stable platform, highly manoeuvrable, large internal payload and access to areas unreachable with a diver with only one portable high spec underwater drone Boxfish Luna!

Luxury Superyachts

You and your guests will love our Boxfish ROV, it is easy to use and will bring so much enjoyment for those who can’t be underwater.

All Case Studies.

Learn more about our customer’s success stories and actual fieldwork with the Boxfish ROV and Boxfish Luna in our Case Studies.

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