Facts & figures


  • Pressure vessel material: Hard anodised aluminium alloy
  • Dome Material: Acrylic
  • Thruster layout: eight 3D vectored
  • Maximum thrust (f/l/v): 20kgf / 14kgf /14kgf
  • Dive time 4-14 hours (depending on conditions)
  • Maneuverability 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Depth rating: 500m (1,640ft) / 1000m (3,300ft)
  • Fault-tollerant design allows for continued operation even with a failed thruster


  • 3 cameras, including 4K main camera and 2 navigation cameras
  • Main Camera: 4K uncompressed (16-47mm equiv. f/1.8 lens, 1″ sensor, AOV(X): 117º, AOV(Y): 95º)
  • Forward navigation: FHD, 1080 lines, 30 fps, 180-degree horizontal view (not available with all primary camera/lens combinations)
  • Reverse navigation: FHD, 1080 lines, 30 fps, 180-degree horizontal view

Tether & Reel

  • Extremely durable, lightweight fiber optic
  • Tether diameter 2.7mm (0.11in); optional 1.9/3.7/4.3mm
  • Tether standard length 350m (1150ft) and optional 3,000m+ (10,000ft+)
  • Tether strength 113 kgf (249lbf), optional up to 560kgf (1,235lbf)
  • Neutrally buoyant in salt water

Control console

  • 17” 4K monitor
  • 10” navigation display
  • Piloting assists
  • Depth hold
  • Position (attitude) holding
  • Trim (aka bias, cruise control)
  • Automatic return to surface

Physical specifications

  • (l/w/h): 714mm (28in)/ 435mm (17in)/ 351mm (14in)
  • Weight (salt water ballast installed): 24kg (53lbs)
  • Depth rating:  500m (1,640ft) / 1000m (3,300ft)
  • Operating temperature: -10˚C (14˚F) to +45˚C (113˚F)
  • Shipping weight in the cases: ROV 32kg (70lbs); Accessories & Console 22kg (49lbs); Tether&Reel 9kg (20lbs)


  • Dive time 4-15 hours (depending on conditions)
  • Lithium polymer
  • Battery capacity: 600Wh
  • Battery durability: 300 cycles (95% capacity)
  • Battery recharge time: 5 hrs (optional 1.5 hrs AC/DC field charging available)
  • Control console power pack 800Wh (optional)

External sensor connections available

  • RS232, RS422, RS485 and Ethernet (10/100/1000mbps)
  • Power: 12V (50W) and 24V (50W)

Integrated sensors

  • Depth
  • Internal humidity
  • Battery and supply voltages
  • Dual IMU
  • 3D compass
  • Leak detection
  • Precision gyroscope
  • Precision accelerometer
  • Internal temperature
  • Internal pressure

Optional add-ons

  • USBL (underwater navigation)
  • Laser scalers
  • Sidescan sonar
  • Imaging sonar
  • Multibeam/Profiling sonar
  • Manipulator/grabber
  • DVL
  • CTD
  • Seawater temperature

External connections

  • Boxfish tether connector
  • Boxfish charge connectors
  • External sensor integration: Up to 6 Boxfish standard ports (other options available)
  • Thread: 5/8-18 UNF


  • Forward: 2 x 8,500 lumen, high CRI, dimmable
  • Adjustable arms and ball mounts for excellent lighting in all orientations
  • Reverse lights
  • Additional forward lighting options available

Product Add-ons

Increase capabilities with a range of add-ons and customisations.

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