Amazing Video Quality

The Boxfish 360’s three large Micro Four Thirds cameras provide 4.9x the sensor area of rigs with six action cameras, resulting in a crisper image and more detail. The larger sensors also … more offer improved quality at higher ISO values. In time-lapse mode the Boxfish 360 shoots RAW images, allowing you full control over image adjustments in post just like with a large DSLR.

4 Hour Run Time

Record full resolution video for up to four hours with the optional battery extender. The included batteries offer up to 90 minutes of continuous operation. Memory cards and batteries, as well as … more the charge port, can be quickly accessed through the single hatch without tools. This minimises your surface interval between dives.

Fast Workflow

The single access cover and charge port eliminate the need to handle each camera module individually, an important factor for a fast pre and post-dive workflow. With only three seams and precisely … more synced cameras, the stitching process is extremely fast and efficient.


The Boxfish 360 has proven to be a very reliable product in the field. It has been used successfully all over the globe from the heat of the tropics to the cold … more of Antarctica with incredible results.


The Boxfish 360 is easy to use. It does not require any tools to set up, and its cameras always stay fixed in the housing during charging, file retrieval and setting adjustment. … more That alone is a huge time saver and a key feature that allows uninterrupted operation from a small boat. Whether you’re a filmmaker on assignment, or a scientist gathering data the Boxfish 360 gives you more time to capture what you want.


The Boxfish 360 is the only 360 underwater rig that gives you full manual control of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance—all fully adjustable. With a 300m/1000ft depth rating, you can … more capture to great depths. Because of the unique three camera configuration, the optional Boxfish 360’s lighting will illuminate the environment without appearing in the final video. Two 3/8″ and four 1/4″ threads give you a range of mounting options for monopod, tripod and lights—or mounting to an ROV or submersible.

Boxfish 360 Accessories

Pressure Check

Want to ensure your camera is ready to dive? We offer a vacuum integrity check system that gives you a clear indication that your camera is sealed before entering the water for peace of mind.

Lighting Rig

The Boxfish 360’s lighting rig is developed to film in pitch dark conditions and recover the spectrum of color in deeper depths. It incorporates 6 Light & Motion SOLA Video Pro LED … more lights 3800 lumens each, the kit includes custom adaptors to mount directly to the camera, additional float pack for neutral buoyancy and custom hard case. Reef, Wreck or Cave this is a must have accessory for the professional VR film maker. 100m depth rated.

Recording Extender

With the optional battery extender, you can record up to 4 hours continuously so you can stay in the water for longer. Boxfish 360 Recording Extender fits into lid and includes batteries … more and charger.


An extremely lightweight yet sturdy 5-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod that enables you to capture steady shots and eliminate close operator parallax errors. The monopod has an anti-rotation shaft, so its twist locks … more can be disengaged all at once to deploy each leg stage instantly, making setup a breeze. Technical Specifications Specification Value Maximum Working Height 65″ / 165.1 cm Folded Length 17.3″ / 43.9 cm Materials Carbon Fiber Weight 1.05 lb / 470 g


The Carbon Fiber Tripod is a sturdy support for your Boxfish 360, which offers a number of advanced features that ensure its stability and reliable performance. The tripod features ergonomically designed rubber … more twist locks on each leg. Because the Ssticks are non-rotating, both of a stick’s locks can be disengaged at once with a single twist of the wrist. This enables extremely fast setup. All tripods are customised in house for the addition of stainless steel components eliminating corrosion risk in the field. Technical Specifications: Specification Value Maximum Working Height 60″ / 152.4 cm Max Height without Center Column 50″ / 127 cm Minimum Working Height 5.9″ / 15 cm Folded Length 22.5″ / 57.2 cm Weight 2.4 lb / 1.1 kg Materials Carbon Fiber Bubble Level Yes

Pressure Test

Get your Boxfish 360 camera pressure tested to 300 and 1000 meters depending on your modification! We are partnering with CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere to perform pressure test with the full pressure … more test report upon completion.

SGO Mistika

SGO Mistika is incredibly powerful easy-to-use software that enables reliable real-time playback and review of VFX shots or clips, supporting many native file types, resolutions, frame rates and color spaces. This facilitates … more efficient and optimized post-production workflows of even the most demanding UHD, 8K, HDR, HFR and VR/360º projects. Stichiting with Mistika. Additionally to Mistika VR’s suite of features we have developed a training workflow specific to Boxfish 360 that means you can be stitching professional quality VR shots without having to invest hours in learning new software. Custom templates, underwater specific tips and tricks & key features all come under the client training and ongoing support of the camera.


Due to Boxfish 360’s innovative design and complimentary 70+ degree lens overlap, we are able to use the camera for Photogrammetry image capture. Each camera captures data from the spherical environment … more and the overlap allows for easy stitching of the results. This means another valuable data set can be collected from the already outstanding footage. Learn more..