Boxfish ROV deployed by GNS Science researchers for initial survey of the Pink Terraces

One of the earliest tourism attractions of New Zealand – the Pink Terraces, located in the Waimangu Valley – were destroyed by the eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 and considered to have been lost forever. GNS Science has checked the theory about the burial of the Pink Terraces under the Lake Rotomahana with Boxfish ROV.

”The Boxfish ROV was perfect for our initial survey of the Pink Terraces as is light, manoeuvrable, and provides great images” – commented researcher Dr. Cornel E.J. de Ronde from GNS Science.

Watch a first dive of Boxfish ROV to uncover the remnants of the Pink Terraces. Catch up on episodes of Beneath New Zealand on Prime’s website here: