Antarctica Top Predator programme

One of our founders Ben King is embarking on an Antarctic expedition in Jan-Feb 2019 as part of an ongoing research programme set up and led by Principal Investigator Dr Regina Eisert from the University of Canterbury. This research programme is called the Antarctic Top Predator NZ programme. Boxfish are offering free use of one of our 360 cameras, ROV’s and Ben as a senior engineer to operate it. Logistics provided by Antarctica New Zealand.

The Project

Regina Eisert, Ph.D., is a research scientist who studies marine mammals, nutritional ecology, and mammalian physiology. She leads a research program on top Antarctic predators and studies the biological and political factors that shape big-picture marine conservation in Antarctica. She collaborates with scientists at multiple institutions and government agencies to foster understanding and effective protection of the Southern Ocean’s Ross Sea ecosystem.

Ben King is a creative designer, photographer and adventurer with a strong focus on elegance and excellence in all that he does. He is resourceful and innovative and adapts quickly and easily to new situations. He gains inspiration from working in a group and adds a unique flair to any team.

Our aims

This will be the second time our equipment will be used in the extreme temperatures of the Antarctic and again in conjunction with major scientific study. The cold ocean and differing light conditions will present a challenge, reliability of equipment in such conditions will be imperative and our equipment has proven to be right for these these challenges. We will capture outstanding quality imagery both from Boxfish ROV and Boxfish 360 and deliver it for all to see.

To everyone who has helped us to this point thank you for your your part in making our great product. We couldn’t have done it without you.This will be the trip of a life time and a great chance to help support the ongoing research conducted in our geographical region.

You can follow our progress on our Facebook and other social media feeds. All the best to you for the coming year and we look forward to connecting in 2019.