Employee Spotlight: Nate Bedggood, ROV Engineering

R&D Engineer Nathaniel (Nate) Bedggood is passionate about embedded software design. He strives to improve all aspects of the user interface to create a robust and seamless experience.

Nate joined Boxfish production while still studying at University. He is now integral to the Research & Development ROV engineering team. 

In our latest employee spotlight, we talk to Nate about his current role and academic background, exploring how his practical experience compares to his study.

Read on to find out more!

Nate Bedggood, Research & Development Engineer at Boxfish Research
Nate Bedggood, R&D Engineer at Boxfish Research
Computer systems engineer Nate Bedggood and Boxfish team members
Nate and members of the Boxfish team on an ROV sea trial
Nate Bedggood, R&D, ROV Engineering
Nate Bedggood, Boxfish AUV & ROV Engineering

Interview with Nate Bedggood, AUV & ROV Engineering

Question One

What is your position at Boxfish, and what do you enjoy about it? Is the role what you expected?

While I’m part of the R&D department and usually work closely with some more senior team members, my work is always very varied. I attribute this to the fact that I started in production while still studying. So I have gained a reasonably strong understanding of how the Boxfish ROV is assembled and functions as a whole system. As such, I get to do a fair bit of customer support work, conduct factory acceptance tests and do software development.

Every day is quite different! Initially, I didn’t expect the role to be so diverse. But I enjoy how it breaks up the monotony of working on the same task for too long.

Question Two

We’d love to hear about your academic experience as this is your first role post-university. What did you study, and how does this help you in your work life now? How do study and theory compare to the practical experience of working in robotics?

I graduated relatively recently from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems. People typically lean towards doing more electronic or software papers. However, my long-time interest in embedded software and robotics influenced me to take a path down the middle. I believe that choice has been rather beneficial in the work we do at Boxfish. Because with the ROV, there are so many sub-systems working in harmony. Being exposed to fundamental concepts from both ends has helped hugely with getting up to speed with development.

When comparing practical work to study, the best way I can describe the difference is that at University, the way you learn and apply skills is highly directional and sheltered. That’s awesome as a student. But once you start working with a team of highly knowledgeable, passionate people, your skills start accelerating in all directions.

Questions Three

What has been your favourite project or task at Boxfish so far, and why?

I’d say so far, the favourite thing I’ve done at Boxfish would be making the 360 cameras at the time I first started. This task involved gathering the necessary parts, figuring out the build documentation, assembling it like Lego, and validating the system. I found it great fun taking full responsibility for a build like that. And it was hugely rewarding as a student then, knowing there was trust in my ability to build it right!

Thanks, Nate, for your hard work and enthusiasm. 

We love having you as part of the Boxfish team.