PolarX Talks Filmmaking Kit and Logistics

Have you always wondered how nature documentary filmmakers capture the perfect wildlife shots in the polar regions? In the challenging environments of the Arctic and Antarctic, cinematographers film stunning footage and Jason Roberts and PolarX help achieve this. One of their pieces of kit is our next generation underwater cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna.

PolarX manages the logistics of filmmaking in the polar regions. Their Managing Director Jason Roberts is an award-winning filmmaker, polar expert, world-leading authority on Polar Bears and dedicated environmentalist. He has been involved in over 300 film productions, including Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Far North, and The Hunt. PolarX clients include National Geographic, BBC and Netflix.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Film Production and Equipment

In this interview with professional nature and wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer, Jason shares behind the scenes production knowledge and introduces the highly specialised equipment used, including our next-generation underwater cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna.

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Morten Hilmer learns about the logistics of wildlife documentary filmmaking in the polar region from PolarX MD Jason Roberts. The interview includes a segment introducing their cinematography kit, the Boxfish Luna.