Boxfish is designed for…

Marine Science

The Boxfish ROV provides performance comparable to much larger working-class ROVs in terms of stability, modularity, and depth ratings but at just a fraction of the cost. Video quality matches and often exceeds that of even the most advanced systems on the market.

As the Boxfish ROV has a relatively low purchase cost and doesn’t require an expensive support vessel for deployment, it is a cost efficient option for research institutions, scientists and educators. The FR ROV is best placed to explore new opportunities, create novel solutions and generate some seriously useful data!

Sensor integration options allow the collection of a vast array of data. It’s easy to install manipulators and sampling systems to further increase the scope and range of possible research and science missions.

Some of the key specifications of Boxfish ROV for research purposes are:

  • industry leader in image quality
  • capable of providing accurate results
  • competitively priced and easy to operate
  • portable, self-contained and reliable
  • precise manoeuvrability even in strong currents
  • depth capability to 300m (1000m upgrade available)
  • ultra-lightweight tether for minimum drag
  • configurable vision systems and a wide range of camera options
  • underwater navigation options
  • direct recording at the surface for rapid sharing or streaming