Boxfish is designed for…

Luxury Superyachts

Do you own a superyacht? Are you a Captain or First Officer?

You and your guests will love this ‘luxury toy’ that is easy to use and simple to store. The Boxfish ROV will open you up to a whole new world of exploration under the sea, no matter what the conditions, leaving you to get on with the important task of entertaining and making sure everybody is comfortable and having fun. This affordable and high-tech underwater camera system is perfect for superyacht owners looking to wow guests and give them easy access to the world below the waves.

The Boxfish ROV allows any user (even children!) to quickly master control of the technology and live stream 4K video to your ship’s entertainment system, enabling everyone onboard to share the excitement of the unknown world below.

  • watch your kids and other guests play underwater from the boat
  • shark and jellyfish detection for added safety for those in the water
  • high-quality uncompressed 4K video output
  • live streaming to onboard displays
  • customize the look of your own Boxfish ROV and cases
  • capture images from depths of up to 300m (1000m upgrade available) below the boat!

Captains and First Officers, of particular interest to you is:

  • hull and anchorage inspections
  • easy to set up, use and store
  • additional navigation cameras front and back
  • automatic return-to-surface mode

If you’ve played with the idea of a personal submarine for your superyacht but prefer to stay the right side of the waterline, our underwater drone, the Boxfish ROV, is the answer!

Built around an exceptionally sharp 4K video camera, the Boxfish ROV is the only mini ROV that can deliver uncompressed UHD 4K video live to onboard screens. There is nothing that will transport you underwater better and faster than the Boxfish ROV!

Explore the reefs below your boat in incredible detail and brilliant colour with 17,000 lumens of lighting. Boxfish ROV has no less than 8 thrusters, as well as auto-stabilisation and fly-by-wire controls, which make piloting a breeze and let you descend to depths of 300m (1000m upgrade available). Easy to deploy and built to last, the Boxfish ROV requires minimal care.

The control station for the Boxfish ROV sports three joysticks and two displays including a 17″ (43cm) 4K monitor. Two extra built-in 180 degree ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras offer unprecedented surround visibility and provide excellent situational awareness. Should an unexpected disaster strike, the Boxfish ROV has a fault-tolerant design allowing it to continue to operate even if a thruster or 3 were to fail. Additionally, if all communications are lost, it will automatically return to the surface under its own power.