We are able to stream the ROV directly from our New Zealand HQ pool to demonstrate the capabilities of the vehicle and allow you to ask questions and see how the full system works.

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We do this with multiple webcams showing the ROV underwater, the main camera, controls and navigation cameras. All you need is Skype and 20 minutes of your time, plus time to fit it into your diary!

If you want more info, or want to arrange a demo or test drive any of our products…just fill in the form on the left.

Our specialist will follow you though all main operations and you will get to know more about our exclusive features as: three high-end cameras, stability, blasting the ROV, charge ports, water sensor, build-in safety features, battery life/charging, add-ons, control console features and tether.

You will have a chance to discuss you personal tasks and application, and get recommendations from field experts and specialists.

Are you a reseller?

Boxfish is interested to hear from resellers as we are always looking out for passionate partners to sell our ROV to clients.  Just email Vera at [email protected]