Hello! We are a bunch of enthusiastic explorers, divers, engineers & software developers with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is believed to be possible!

Because of our wide range of expertise in-house – it has allowed us to be the world leaders in underwater vision technology.

We care about adding interesting and viable updates to our ROV so that our clients have the greatest technology underwater.  This is what drives us all, every single day.

Background of Company

Boxfish Research began after a chance meeting between three engineers who happened to be trialling home built ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) at the same time and location in Auckland, New Zealand. Disappointed with the results and feeling ROV technology had been stagnant since the 90’s they vowed to build a better ROV using up to date control algorithms coupled with smart engineering design and software solutions.

Over the course of 5 years, initially part time and then full time, the trio achieved remarkable results. They created an industry leading ROV, that is lightweight, easy to use, easy to deploy combined with unmatched image quality, manoeuvrability, range and depth with elegant simplicity.

We started shipping ROVs in September 2018. We have pending patents for several key areas of our ROV and more patentable designs that are currently treated as trade secrets. Boxfish Research is well placed to achieve its strategic goals with a strong core product range, an excellent development and management team.

The attraction initially, was knowing we had the hardest technical challenge ahead of us, and making it work and we did. We have built something that is truly great, and we love that we are pushing the boundaries of technology.

The Co-Founders of Boxfish Research

The Boxfish experts (staff)

Ben King

Ben runs our mechanical R&D, testing and design in addition to being a co-founder of Boxfish Research. Ben prides himself on technical innovation which is backed up by a history of groundbreaking research, product development and commercialisation in healthcare, robotics and mechanics.‍

Craig Anderson

Craig is a co-founder of Boxfish Research and looks after control systems, software, electrical and electronic development. Craig is an experienced entrepreneur and technical genius. He has founded a number of successful startups. Craig has key skills in electronics, software, optics and telecommunications.

Mani Dhiraj

Mani is our Business Development Manager and his role is primarily to develop business partnership and markets for Boxfish ROV with identified partners around the globe. In his free time he enjoys … more looking after his coral reef aquariums, stand up paddle boarding, reading and wine tasting.

Vera Bronza

Vera looks after Boxfish marketing, accounting, logistics and daily business activities. She thrives on organising, multitasking and contributing to the company’s growth, using her double degree in Science & Marketing.

Dris Adradi

Dris is our Director of Engineering, looking after the production and development of Boxfish products, customising for specific needs. As a chartered engineer in the electronics space, Dris has a long background … more in the design, development and manufacture both consumer industrial products for start-up companies as well those that are more established. When not working on Boxfish products, Dris enjoys astronomy, music and hitting the roads for a long run here and there.

Douglas Grant

Douglas is a Mechatronics R&D Engineer and works closely with Craig on the electrical and electronic development as well as writing software. Douglas is a long time ROV enthusiast having built his own ROV (while still at school).

Pransh Rana

Pransh has  joined our team as a Vision and Controls R&D Engineer. With a background in aerial robotics and autonomous control, he is poised to take his skills underwater and enhance the … more autonomous capabilities of our Boxfish ROV.

Matthew Oates

Matthew is a student at the University of Auckland studying Mechanical Engineering. He is focused on producing the mechanical sub-systems of the ROV. He is keen to apply his knowledge and skills … more to implement new manufacturing processes as production capacity increases and Boxfish scales up its manufacturing operations.

Matt Shelton

Matt is our intern here at Boxfish Research and is completing a practical work experience to finalise his Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering at AUT. Improving production processes and quality control by applying … more methodical thinking in regards to the assembly of the ROV.

Russ Hughes

Russ is Boxfish 360 specialist and a professional diver. He focuses on customer training and underwater VR filming & editing. As a GUE instructor, when he is not teaching or not in the office, he is out diving.